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Katlu mazgāšanas mašīna WD-90GR HC Touch

The WD-Touch display guides you through the washing process with an intuitive touch screen. Easy navigation with built-in user manuals.. Patented washing system…

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The WD-Touch display guides you through the washing process with an intuitive touch screen. Easy navigation with built-in user manuals.. Patented washing system quarantees a good washing and drying result thanks to the high speed centrifuging
- hygiene warranty easies up the HACCP: the electronics of the machine controls the washing process
- amasingly low running costs: the machine uses only a. 5 litres fresh water in the final rinse. This also leads to lower consumption of energy, rinse aid and detergent.
- hexagonal washing rack for efficient wash process
- high capacity in a little space: 6 pcs. of GN1/1 containers cleaned with one programme 120 pcs. of GN1/1 or GN1/2 containers cleaned in one hour
- room for 65mm deep 2/1 container
- room for 600x400 mm baking plates
- working on the door of the machine prevents the food waste and granules from falling onto the floor, thus minimazing risks for slipping and work injuries
- flexible Rack: GN containers and other cooking utensils easily placed in the Rack without troublesome extra equipment
- effective condensing, only 1,5 litres water consumption/cycle
- six washing programmes: three with granules (the granule washing time is adjustable) and three without. The washing programmes can be chosen with or without the centrifuging.
- the two pump system quarantees a reliable separation of the granules
- easy to install: all connections are above the machine
- easy to clean: The machine is equipped with a hinged door that opens fully to provide easy access to the back of the machine
- tank volume 100 l
- sound level 68 dB

Standard equipment:
- 1 haxagonal washing rack
- 1 pot holder
- 1 holder for 2/1 containers, suitable for baking plates also
- 5 l of granule
- cleaning scraper
- granule gathering strainer

Extra equipment:
- extra racks and holders
- trolleys
- prewash and unloading tables
- booster pump
- granules
Apraksts Katlu mazgāšanas mašīna WD-90GR HC Touch
Izmēri un kapacitāte
Produkta kapacitāte 68 pcs x GN 1/1 per hour
Platums mm 878
Dziļums mm 955
Augstums mm 1882
Package volume 1,86 m3
Iepakojuma izmēri 106x90x195 cm
Net weight with unit 330 kg
Iepakojuma svars 340 kg
Tehniskā informācija
Elektriskā jauda kW 11.3
Drošinātāja izmērs A 20
Pievienojamā strāva V 400
Fāžu skaits 3NPE
Frekvence Hz 50
Aizsardzības klase (IP) 55
Elektriskā savienojuma tips Elastīgs
Elektriskā savienojuma augstums mm 1800
Aukstā ūdens diametrs 1/2"
Aukstā ūdens minimālais spiediens kPa 100
Aukstā ūdens maksimālais spiediens kPa 600
Aukstā ūdens pievada augstums mm 1882
Karstā ūdens diam. 1/2"
Karstā ūdens minimālais spiediens kPa 250
Karstā ūdens maksimālais spiediens kPa 600
Karstā ūdens pievienojuma augstums mm 1882
Drenāžas diametrs 50
Drenāžas plūsma l/s 3
Kanalizācijas pieslēgums Apakša
Drenāžas savienojuma augstums mm 100
Traps grīdā nepieciešams
Skaņas līmenis dB 68
Siltuma slodze, precizitāte W 1000
Siltuma slodze slēptā W 500
Ventilācija iekārta m³/h 600
Boilera jauda kW 9
Darbības tips elektrisks
Tīrīšana mazgājams trauku mašīnā
Iespējas 6x1/1GN
Programmējamība gatavās programmas
Programmu skaits 6
Izolācija Izolēts
Kanalizācijas sūknis
Modelis WD-90 GR
Enerģija un patēriņš
Jaudas tips Elektrība

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