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Sous Vide basins

Metos Sous Vide tanks for cooking and chilling. Contact our sales unit, so that we can help you design a functional sous vide system that fits your needs.

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Contact our sales unit, so that we can help you design a functional sous vide system that fits your needs.


Custom made sous-vide solutions

Sous vide cooking gives many advantages to the commercial kitchen. The sous vide cooking method cooks food under a vacuum, which contributes to the preservation of the product. Made with expertise, the Metos sous-vide machines are produced from brushed stainless steel for easy cleaning. The user-friendly touch-screen display serves all the functions of the machine.


How does sous vide work?

Sous vide cooking consists of cooking a vacuum-packed product. The food is prepared and vacuum-packed. Then the product is cooked in a water bath until the desired temperature is reached. Meat that requires a crust must be fried or baked after the sous-vide cooking.



Even though the sous-vide cooking method was developed in a lab there is nothing artificial about food cooked in a sous-vide. Products, prepared in vacuum-packs, have longer shelf lives and the cooking bags retain aroma and overall quality of the food offering a full taste experience. In addition, sous-vide cooking ensures maximum tenderness in all meat cuts.

In commercial kitchens the sous-vide is essential in achieving unique operational profits. Thanks to the sous-vide cooking method, which makes bulk production possible, it is a staff reducing production method. The products’ prolonged shelf life provides an opportunity to separate the preparation and serving of food, offering great flexibility in production planning. Thanks to the airtight packaging no contamination will occur when handling the products.

Food production process example:
Casseroles cooked in the morning are administrated directly from the pot in to sous-vide bags. The pump doses even portions with scale or accurate power-time setting, only one work phase needed for this. After sealing the bags are chilled down in our efficient sous-vide basin.
When the first batch is cooling down another casserole can be cooked in the sous-vide, alternatively a meat dish can be cooked in the oven. After the first batch has finished cooling down, it is moved to a cold room and the next batch is put in to the cooling basin.
The last batch to be cooked in the evening is any meat dish requiring a long cooking time. The meat in a sous-vide bag is put in to a basket and fitted with a core temperature probe. During the night the meat is cooked gently according to the pre-set programme and when the cooking process is finished the product is cooled down automatically.
In the morning the meat is cooked, cooled down, and ready to be moved for cold storage. The basin is ready for the next cooling batch. For example, sous-vide products cooked overnight in the combi oven can be placed in the basin to cool down.

Sous-vide saves the taste:
– Ensures tender meat
– Retains aroma and the quality
– Preserves food longer
– Minimizes shrinkage

Sous-vide system advantages:
– Time saving
– Flexibility
– Easy workflow
– More hygienic products
– Increased productivity
– 50 recipe library