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Modbar modular coffee system

Metos Modbar is a modern and stylish way to create a cafe atmosphere. Uniform table tops and stylish taps that match the interior of the cafe, as well as a carefully planed way of working, which allows the customer's service experience to be perfect – all of that is possible with Modbar. 

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Modbar enables better contact with the customer. Because the modes is modern and minimalist, there is no large espresso machine between the customer and the barista. The barista also does not have to turn his back to the customer when preparing the drink, so the customer can see the entire preparation process. This way, the customer gets a high-quality service experience.

Modbar enables a new way of working for baristas. All Modbar machines can be placed next to each other or separately on the worktop, creating separate servce points for espresso, steam and filter coffee. This way, several baristas can work at the same time and the workflow becomes more flexible and smoother. With Metos Modbar, you can freely design the workspace in such a way that it fits the atmosphere and style of the place. The design is always individual.


Espresso AV tap

The Espresso AV tap is the result of Modbar and La Marzocco's years of research and development cooperation with its reliability, performance and temperature stability. Espresso AV is ideal for high volume environments. La Marzocco's groupos and the device's easy-to-use controls, together with the multi-position operating lever, equipped with four stored programs, make coffee preparation smooth even in the middle of rush hour.

Technical information
tap dimensions: 140x320x360 mm
weight: 10,5 kg
MOD 1 GR, dimensions of the operating unit: 410x380x220 mm
weight: 16,5 kg
boiler volume: 1,4 liters
electric connection: 230V1 1,52kW 7A 50/60Hz
MOD 2 GR, dimensions of the operating unit: 410x380x220 mm
weight: 18 kg
double boiler volume: 2,8 liters
electric connection (with one operating unit and two taps): 230V1 3,227kW 14A 50/60Hz
– another tap (only for AV-2 model) and drip tray also as retrofits
– the drip basin is delivered with ot without a built-in scale
– easy to maintain, all connections are located on the side of the operating unit


Steam tap

Modbar's steam tap is more than just a steam generating statio, as its modern and minimalist appearance is combined with power and operational control. The easy-to-use tap, with an on/off-switch, and the multi-directional use of the steam nozzle make the barista's work more efficient. The double wall construction of the stainless steel tap prevents the user from burns. 

Technical information
tap dimensions: 90x320x340 mm
weight: 3,5 kg
dimensions of the operating unit: 410x360x220 mm
weight: 18 kg
boiler volume: 4,6 liters
electric connection: 230V1 2,705kW 13A 50/60Hz
– the delivery includes two steam nozzles
– the operating unit, placed under the counter, supports two steam taps
– the interfaces of the operating unit are on its side, making maintenance easier

Pour-Over tap

With the Pour-Over tap, you can prepare filter coffee automatically with recipes programmed for each cup, or keep full control of the filtration yourself. Up to 10 different recipes can be stored in the taps operating unit, which can be accessed by pressing two buttons. In addition, the water flow rate can be adjusted according to the composition and taste of the coffee grounds. 

Technical information
tap dimensions: 180x230x450 mm
weight: 6 kg
dimensions of the operating unit: 410x360x140 mm
weight: 16 kg
double boiler volume: 1,2 liters
electric connection: 230V1 3,0 kW 11A 50/60Hz
– the Pour-Over tap is connected to the operating unit placed under the counter, with water and interface cables
– the delivery includes two nozzles, a flexible hose and a support rod
– built-in flow control valve